Welcome to New Orleans

This city breathes to life every sinful fantasy in both Kindred and kine alike. Very few enter the city limits without a purpose driven by debauchery. One becomes intoxicated with the varied aroma’s of sex, drugs, and violence. It is here that nightmares are made reality and innocence dissolves into guilt and treachery. Whether you are a member of the living or undead, New Orleans claims all as its victims.

Given the cities nature there is only a choice few who would ever decide to visit (and even less call home) New Orleans. The city is well known to the world as a prominent tourist attraction but this is merely the outer most layer. As one travels deeper towards the core of this ‘old world’ metropolis they are sure to find a seething populace of gang-banger’s, drug addicts, whores and pimps, and corrupt business tycoons all gated in by a wrought iron fence of decaying neighborhoods, high rise condos, and the infamous Mississippi River.

There is only one way to gain passage to the true core of this city, and that is to unknowingly fall into it or to have your soul usurped by the Beast and be given entrance into a centuries old Danse Macabre of which there is no escaping. The Kindred of this city are the true ‘movers’ of New Orleans evolution (or de-evolution depending on your perspective) and whatever moves the powerful elders of the city make, each creature within the territorial limits will feel the ripples.

Be wary as you embark on the journey of surviving this city. You will either make a niche between its fangs or you will succumb to its evils and be devoured.

Good Luck.

New Orleans By Night